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About Us

Introducing 'Oh Hello,' an exciting dating experience designed to reignite the lost art of social connection through a range of social events. Step away from the screen, stop swiping and embrace genuine connection.  Beyond the quest for romance, 'Oh Hello' fosters a safe, relaxed and social atmosphere where sparks may fly or new friendships may bloom, ensuring every encounter is an opportunity for meaningful connections. Join us in rediscovering the joy of face-to-face interaction and the chance for unexpected encounters.

Dating Experiences

Prepare for unforgettable evenings at an 'Oh Hello’ event.  Upon arrival, grab a drink and enjoy the chance to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere. At our Speed Dating events, engage in a series of chats with intriguing individuals. On your 'Oh Hello!' card, jot down your date's name and discreetly mark whether it's an electric 'Oh Hello' connection, the beginning of a new friendship or a gracious 'not this time’.

If Speed Dating is not for you, why not try one of our ‘Mingling Events’ where you’ll know you are surrounded by like-minded people looking for genuine interaction and connection? Maybe you’re a foodie and a ‘Private Dining Event’ might be more up your street.  Or alternatively, a fun and engaging ‘Activity/Party Event’ may be preferred with or without a friend for moral support. Who knows what we will come up with here at ‘Oh Hello’. Keep watching our events page. Why not email us at with a suggestion.

Don’t forget to register with ’Oh Hello’ and tell us a bit about yourself, so we can tailor events to suit and keep you posted with what’s in the pipeline.  The power to shape your social journey is in your hands. Give yourself a chance to rediscover the joy of face-to-face connections.

Our Story

An ‘Oh Hello’ dating event offers several advantages over online dating, providing a unique way for individuals to connect. Firstly, a dating event allows participants to make instant, face-to-face connections, enabling them to assess physical chemistry and genuine reactions. In contrast, online dating relies heavily on profiles and messages, often lacking the immediacy and authenticity that in-person interactions provide.  'Oh Hello' also offers a safe and relaxed environment, as participants engage in a series of conversations with different individuals in a single event. This format eliminates the tediousness of browsing through numerous profiles online and allows participants to quickly determine if there's a potential connection.


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