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Boundary Brewing, Belfast, BT4 1HE

 Thursday 21st June 2024

Oh Hello
Speed Dating Event
Boundary Brewing
Age 38+
Male Tickets


Join us at Boundary Brewing, Belfast, for an ‘Oh Hello’ Speed Dating Event and discover the lost art of social connection.  

Upon arrival, between 7:15pm and 7:30pm, we’ll explain how the night works, then grab a drink and enjoy the chance to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere, before we kick-off.  On your 'Oh Hello!' card, jot down your date's name and discreetly mark whether it's an electric 'Oh Hello' connection, a gracious 'Not this time,' or the beginning of a new friendship. 


If you would like, bring a friend for free for moral support and to chat with between your rounds. Sometimes friends can spot potential connections before us.

Check your emails the next day for your ‘Oh Hello’ matches.

Remember to bring along your photographic ID on the evening to ensure entry.


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